Mexican startup Mattilda, which handles schools’ finances, raised US$10 million

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Mexican startup Mattilda announced today a US$10 million seed round led by New York private equity fund FinTech Collective. Also investing were DILA Capital, QED Investors, GSV Ventures, Picus Capital, Emerge Education, SMP, and Xochi Ventures.

Mattilda is a SaaS that allows private schools to receive their payments on the first day of the month and access medium and long-term credits. To parents, Mattilda offers a digital platform with various options to facilitate their payments.

In a statement, the startup said it will use the new funding to grow its service. From the FinTech Collective fund, they praised Mattilda for its team and its potential to expand throughout the rest of Latin America. 

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In the document, Mattilda states that despite targeting the K-12 segment, they are also exploring higher education.

The company was founded this year by José Agote, Jesús Lanza, Juan Pablo Bravo, Adrián Garza, and Ileana Gómez, who have previously owned and operated private schools in Mexico. In the press release, they emphasize that their experience made them reflect on the excessive time schools spend on financial procedures. 

According to José Agote (CEO), Mattilda “frees up time for schools to focus on what they do best: offering quality education.” For his part, Jesús Lanza, co-founder, said: “We are very excited about this round of capital and about partnering with top-tier global investors.”

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