Contxto –  Mexico’s Fintech Startup, UnDosTres, just closed its funding round for US$6.5 million, led by Monterrey’s Venture Capital tycoons, Dalus Capital and Ignia Partners

Biggie Smalls was definitely on to something when he said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Well, UnDosTres figured out the problem wasn’t money itself, but rather, cash.

Their fraud-proof technology fosters the use of digital tools to make day-to-day transactions easier and safer.

Through its mobile app, users can perform those daily transactions that would otherwise be handled in coins or bills. Remember those dollar bills you lost in the depths of your jeans? Not anymore.

Dalus Capital and Ignia Partners co-led the round, followed by other corporate ventures, such as Banco’s Sabadell venture arm, InnoCell.

As their operational burn rate increases, the round may well help UnDosTres improve their platform and allow them to keep developing the secure infrastructure that users need.

UnDosTres aims to facilitate the payments industry, by allowing users to pay anyone, anywhere, anytime with the certainty that their money is being handled properly.

– VC