Rever closes €7.5 million funding round with Y Combinator

The returns company has the participation of one of the startup scouts associated with the prestigious American firm Sequoia.
Rever_Y Combinator
Rever_Y Combinator_ 7.5 Millions

Rever, an online returns management startup, has successfully closed a funding round, raising €7.5 million from multiple investors. Notable contributors include Spanish fund manager Mundi Ventures, renowned startup accelerator Y Combinator’s fund, and a scout from Sequoia, a prestigious American firm. Rever, headquartered in Barcelona but legally registered in the US, focuses on improving post-sales processes for online purchases.

Founded in 2021, Rever initially secured almost €1 million in funding with significant partners such as Global Founders and Glovo co-founder Óscar Pierre. Following its participation in Y Combinator’s accelerator program in mid-2022, the company announced the recent completion of a €7.5 million funding round.

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Rever’s expansion also involves the Sequoia Scouting Fund, which selects scouts to seek out local startups for investment. The startup aims to create a category from scratch, according to an undisclosed scout involved in the operation.

With over 120 clients across 40 countries, Rever anticipates a significant revenue increase in 2023. By providing alternatives to full refunds and offering instant money advances, Rever aims to simplify the complex returns process for online retailers. The company’s technology includes logistics order creation, customs management, data analysis, and personalized product suggestions.

Overall, Rever’s successful funding round reinforces its position in the market and allows the company to enhance its services, particularly within the European market.

Why is this relevant for startups?

  • The online returns market has significant numbers, with products returned by online shoppers in the United States in 2022 reaching a total value of $212 billion.
  • Globally, research firm eMarketer estimates that this figure will increase by 2% this year to reach $627 billion.
  • The successful closure of this funding round provides Rever with the necessary financial resources to drive its expansion and further enhance its post-sale processes. This enables them to offer innovative and efficient solutions for online stores, which can attract more customers’ attention and generate greater growth for the startup.

Why is this relevant for venture capital firms?

  • The successful funding round of Rever demonstrates investor confidence in the startup and its potential for growth, which can attract the attention of venture capital firms looking for promising investment opportunities.
  • Venture capital firms can benefit from the financial success of Rever as it reflects their ability to identify and support innovative startups in the e-commerce and returns management sector, enhancing their reputation and track record.
  • This news showcases the potential for returns management startups to disrupt the traditional retail industry and address the significant market size of online returns, presenting an attractive investment opportunity for venture capital firms seeking high-growth sectors with untapped potential.

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