7 Artificial Intelligence Startups You Never Knew Came From Ecuador

7 artificial intelligence startups you never knew came from ecuador
7 artificial intelligence startups you never knew came from ecuador

Contxto – Nestled in the Andes and straddling its namesake equator, Ecuador is a land of many hidden treasures. While the country famous for its biodiversity and snow-capped volcanos underwent a data breach this past September, there are various Ecuadorian startups developing AI solutions to not only streamline cybersecurity but also improve overall business transactions. Take a look to find out who they are:

Kriptos (Quito)

Government regulations often require proper management of classified data. However, when businesses have large dataflows coming and going, the organizational process can become chaotic. That’s where Kriptos comes in. Through the use of AI, Kriptos can control, categorize and protect a company’s precious data. Say goodbye to data leaks!

Mensajea (Quito)

Improved customer service, data collection, campaign development and reduced costs are some of the benefits of Mensajea’s online platform. Companies use the startup’s AI technology to automate processes over social media messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. This way, automatic interactions with customers ensure easy implementation.

Talov (Ibarra)

At Talov, designing technology for people with disabilities is its core. With this purpose in mind, the startup developed two AI-based apps. First, there’s SpeakLiz, which we’ve previously covered. Now, we’d like to introduce SpeakLiz Vision, which uses artificial intelligence to identify objects around a person using their phone’s camera. Moreover, the app is prepped to work with iOs’ VoiceOver in more than 30 languages.

Kullki (Loja)

As a fintech, Kullki administers loans to people with no prior credit history. How it accomplishes that involves an alternative credit ranking system known as the “KSOCIAL” score. Part of this financial solution entails data mining from mobile devices. That’s to say, the startup appraises one’s ability to pay financial obligations based on the characteristics of digital “footprints,” meaning their overall virtual presence.

Ecuabots (Cumbayá)

Could your company benefit from implementing a chatbot to automate processes? Ecuabots may have a solution with their virtual assistants. Companies can designate tasks to include facilitating sales, attending to customers, processing information, among other features. Besides constant availability, other benefits involve less waiting, metrics, fewer costs, plus others. 

MinerBA (Cuenca)

Statistical models, data systems and AI are some of MinerBA’s specialties. Integrating data from multiple sources into the repository helps businesses make more informed decisions. Encryption methods are another area of expertise for the startup, helping partners organize who has access to sensitive information. 

Agroscan (Quito)

Combining drones, cloud processing, not to mention multispectral imaging, AgroScan leverages AI in the agricultural sector. Over its platform via precision agriculture algorithms, users can monitor both their crops and high turnovers. The environment also benefits as Agroscan allows for more thorough pesticide planning.


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