Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Legaltech in Brazil (beta)

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Is a startup missing?

Contxto – The emergence of useful tech to facilitate passage through difficult markets is a healthy development (perhaps not as healthy as not having the market difficulties in the first place).

Here we can see how legaltech in Brazil has facilitated the lives of millions. Some by opening up marketplaces for legal services. Others, like management software startups, which allow people to quickly grasp the constant changes in the law. And then there are those fruitful databases that allow you to find cases and their adjoined documentation.

It’s a bit of a food pyramid if you think about it. At the base, a large selection of legal document startups which help people jump over the most basic of hurdles—facilitating e-signatures and the like.

And then, the more niche and complicated the cases, for which there are fewer legaltechs. However, it is a particularly interesting Brazilian quirk that four out of the five online legal services and advice startups are there specifically to help with negligent airlines.

Another niche in the making?


Alejandro González Ormerod
Historian, writer, and editor from Mexico City. He was a book publisher, academic, and cheesemonger before joining Contxto. Still deciding on which Latin American country to visit next; food and fun are the main criteria.


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