Tech companies improve their eNPS to +37 in 2023

Job satisfaction in technology companies has increased compared to 2022, according to a study by Nailted.

Nailted, a technology startup focused on improving employee experience, has released a comprehensive analysis of the employee experience in technology companies. This report collects data from over 10,000 employees from 91 technology companies, primarily in Spain and Latin America, and analyzes over 40 key performance indicators (KPIs).

The report covers various aspects of the employee experience, such as job satisfaction, corporate values, work environment, feedback and communication, leadership and camaraderie, recognition, professional development, and employee commitment.

More and more companies are making efforts to enhance their employees’ experience, and this is also reflected in the technology industry. For instance, the levels of eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) which measures employee engagement and satisfaction with their company, have improved in this sector. According to Jose Ignacio Andrés, CEO and founder of Nailted, the average eNPS for technology companies was +32 in 2021, increased to +34 in 2022, and has reached +37 this year. Additionally, 77.9% of technology employees would nominate their company as the “best place to work”.

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The company provides relevant data that affects the employee experience. For example, 32.81% of employees report feeling or having felt stress at work, nearly half of the employees (45.95%) are dissatisfied with their salary, and 27.31% demand better growth opportunities within the company.

The Nailted report also highlights changes compared to 2022. It shows that job uncertainty has decreased by 5.66%, 2% fewer employees believe their work affects their personal life, and 1% more consider their company a good place to work.

What does this mean for Latin American tech startups?

  • The Nailted report provides relevant information to Latin American tech startups about the employee experience in the industry, allowing them to better understand the needs and concerns of their workforce.
  • Startups in the region can use the data from the report as a reference to implement strategies and improvements that contribute to increased employee satisfaction and commitment.
  • The fact that a high percentage of technology employees would nominate their companies as the “best place to work” suggests that Latin American startups have the opportunity to stand out in terms of employee experience and attract qualified talent.

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