Keyway launches an AI assistant focused on the real estate sector and investors in LatAm

Keyway introduces Keypilot, an Artificial Intelligence assistant that transforms real estate investment, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in property analysis.
Photo: Keyway

Keyway, a leading platform in real estate investment, which opens the US real estate market doors to Mexican investors, has taken an innovative step with the launch of Keypilot, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant. This advanced tool is designed to increase efficiency and provide fast and reliable information for investors in Latin America and their analytical teams when evaluating real estate properties in the United States.

Keypilot, powered by AI, machine learning, and data science, is a comprehensive technological solution that manages the entire real estate investment process, from property search and selection to drafting investment memorandums, predicting asset valuations, and analyzing contracts. This tool performs these tasks quickly and efficiently and allows real estate teams to delegate more tedious functions and focus on higher-impact activities.

For investors interested in the US real estate market, Keypilot acts as a strategic partner that facilitates access to high-yield assets. The tool uses automated management to improve subscription accuracy and speed up deal closures.

Institutional investors and family offices in Mexico and Latin America will find Keypilot an effective way to automate acquisitions and subscriptions, thereby enhancing their investment process. It offers instant access to economic, demographic, market, and real estate data, allowing investors to acquire off-market assets and close deals more quickly, thanks to automated workflow management.

For managers already handling assets in the US real estate market, Keypilot offers the possibility to use AI and machine learning to access more transparent information and make data-based decisions, thus improving the performance of their real estate assets. From optimizing rental levels to achieving energy efficiency targets, Keypilot provides practical, real-time recommendations and automates reports for complete portfolio oversight.

Matias Recchia, co-founder and CEO of Keyway, states that the launch of Keypilot marks a transformative change for real estate teams. With Keypilot, Keyway is redefining how to approach, analyze, and act on real estate data.

“With this tool, we are redefining how we approach, analyze, and act on real estate data. Powered by AI and machine learning, Keypilot centralizes disparate data, streamlines decision-making, and enables teams to execute with unprecedented determination. In an industry that thrives on precision and timely information, this represents a testament to what is possible when technology meets professional expertise. Keypilot is not just an evolution; it’s a step towards the future of investment, operations, and real estate asset management,” asserts Keyway’s co-founder and CEO, Matias Recchia.

Keypilot enables teams to execute with unprecedented determination by centralizing disparate data and streamlining decision-making. In an industry dependent on precision and timely information, Keypilot represents an evolution and a step toward the future of investment, operations, and real estate asset management.

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