healthtech alice offers something telemedicine platforms don’t

Healthtech Alice offers something telemedicine platforms don’t

Contxto – Let’s face it: When it comes to healthcare, people tend to take a more reactive approach. We might not prioritize an annual checkup, embrace healthy eating habits or exercise… until we get sick.

But there’s a startup that wants to change that and it’s taken the first big step.

Last Tuesday (30), healthtech Alice was launched in São Paulo. Consequently, locals can now tap into an app and clinic that’s connected to a network of healthcare providers to guide each user through their personal health goals.

Why it’s a big deal: There are various healthtechs in Brazil that offer telemedicine services. However, Alice makes a value proposition for improving the healthcare experience through online means (via its app) as well as offline through its chic clinics and network of partners.

To get off the ground, the startup has thus far raised a total of US$16 million through investors like Canary, Kaszek Ventures, and MAYA Capital.

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Alice takes the best of both worlds

“The Brazilian private health system was built around a fee-for-service reimbursement system that does not benefit proactive, coordinated, and prevention-oriented care,” observes Matheus Moraes, co-Founder at Alice.

“Our health community is based on a fee-for-value proposition, integrating players and helping people assess the progress of their own health,” adds Moraes.

It offers a two-pronged approach to changing healthcare for Brazilians. On the one hand, users can contact a healthcare provider via its app and upload relevant information through it.

Meanwhile, it also offers “Casa Alice” for its patients. It’s a clinic that looks nothing like one. Perfect for making a visit to the doctor a less draining experience.

Alice offers its users an accommodating clinic.

Alice’s robust team of experts within its “Health Community” are available through both mediums to guide each user along. It’s also linked to local hospitals and laboratories.

This facilitates the communication process among everyone. For example, if a nurse makes a note of the patient’s vital signs, this information can more seamlessly be forwarded to the doctor for further review.

Alice wants to change the way patients view and manage their health.

Of course sharing sensitive health-related data might give some users the hives.

Therefore, Alice has assured everyone that it complies with all necessary data security protocols. Likewise it’s registered with the National Health Agency (ANS).

Coronavirus is raising awareness on the importance of taking care of our health. And Alice wants to do so as well, but definitely in a more user-friendly way.

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