Plenti Expands with Cross-Border Payment Solutions Between the US and Colombia

With over $150 million in transactions, Plenti introduces fast, affordable payment services for US-Colombia transfers, aiming to enhance digital finance in Latin America.

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  • Plenti now offers quick and cost-effective national and international payment services.
  • Recent funding and technology upgrades support its expansion in Latin America.
  • The fintech startup targets significant growth with new multi-currency transfer capabilities.

Plenti, a Colombian fintech platform, has shifted its focus beyond savings to enable efficient national and international payments, allowing quick transfers between the US and Colombia. This move comes after the platform facilitated transactions worth over $150 million and aims to cater to its expanding user base of 15,000 individuals and 60 companies.

With a projected revenue growth of 600% in 2024, reaching $1.5 million, Plenti is leveraging its innovative technology to simplify and reduce the costs of cross-border transactions. The platform offers transfers using ACH and Wire for as low as $0.99 per transaction, drastically undercutting traditional banking fees and processing times.

In partnership with Colombia Fintech, Plenti is also working to enhance understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the traditional financial sector. This includes educational initiatives to demystify digital financial technologies for all Colombians, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Looking forward, Plenti plans to expand its services across Latin America, with operations already available in multiple countries for Colombians looking to send money to Colombia and the US. The company is also developing a multi-currency account and a physical Plenti card, enabling users to use their digital dollars both online and offline.

This expansion is supported by an initial investment from Platanus Ventures, which has connected Plenti with a network of influential mentors and investors, further facilitating its growth without compromising shareholder value through unnecessary dilution.

Plenti’s new services are set to transform the financial landscape in Latin America, making money transfers more accessible and affordable, enhancing users’ financial experiences, and paving the way for the platform to become the leading financial superapp in the region.

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News