Contxto – Back in May, Fortune 500 published its annual list of top-earning companies. From this compilation, 33 of the world’s highest-grossing firms were led by female CEOs. Even though disparities between male and female CEOs are still vast, this was a historic number and a sign of progress.

On a more local level, Peru is one Latin American nation with a thriving female entrepreneurial scene and startup ecosystem. While none of these are Fortune 500 companies at the moment, the following Peruvian startups certainly have the potential to do so with promising products and strong leadership.


Fitness centers can grow and build a community with the startup that Andrea Baba co-founded alongside Alexander Mayor. Together, the founders have developed management and CRM software for various gyms and studios to use. With FITCO, users improve retention rates and processes. There is also a mobile app. 

Fitness Pass

Alicia Vivanco, Andrea Vivanco and Mónica Leesha founded Fitness Pass as an all-encompassing gym membership. Over the platform, users have access to thousands of classes at various centers. Members can then customize their own fitness routine with a variety of options to choose form. 


E-signatures and electronic verification in the Latin American market are heightened with Keynua’s solution. Inma Cañadas is one of four co-founders that established this regional platform that streamlines the process for partners, making it faster, reliable and more efficient. 


Laboratoria is a social enterprise co-founded by Mariana Costa Checa training women from low-income backgrounds to enter the tech field. Active in Peru, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, the company has trained over 1,000 young women in the intensive “bootcamp” program.

In the end, these graduates have landed jobs as web developers, programmers and more. Not only does this provide valuable income to these women but also diversifies the industry.  


Internal teams and external providers benefit from Qimi’s modern platform used to improve business management. Co-founded by Paola Mego, the cloud-based app allows clients to better manage their assets and collect data for strategic decisionmaking.

Optimized communication between various parties is key. Based on this, maintenance issues get resolved much faster thanks to Qimi.


Payment solutions made easy with Culqui ensure fast, secure and easy online payments. The startup co-founded by Amparo Nalvarte allows Latin American business partners to accept online payment methods.

Partners can also create their own payment solution over a website or mobile app. Ultimately, companies can boost sales over different channels when working with Culqui.

Crack the Code

Founder and CEO Maria del Mar Velez launched Crack the Code to empower young people as well as children through coding and technology. Her organization provides a space technological learning, fostering important skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and creativity in the process. 


Rextie’s digital solution guarantees secure, rapid and comfortable monetary exchange between U.S. dollars and Peruvian soles. The certified exchange co-founded by Claudia Quintanilla uses technology to make this process as practical as possible. 

Quantico Trends

Diana Zorrilla co-founded this social media analytics startup with a particular focus on Hispanic and Latin American markets. The tool measures and monitors social networks using Big Data to facilitate this task.

Not only does the company uses its own proprietary algorithms but also machine learning models to help partners make smarter business decisions. 


Partners resort to Urbaner’s services for on-demand delivery logistics. Co-founded by Ivonne Quiñones, the B2B SaaS solution can track delivery in real-time, help companies scale, and improve financial as well as invoicing management.

Urbaner also uses a crowdsourcing model and employs its own algorithms to optimize logistics and fleet management. 


Artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain and cloud computing are some of the technologies that Fintechlab develops for its digital financial platform. Undeniably people-centric, Rosa María Orellana co-founded the startup that consults partners wanting to embrace today’s digital transformation.


Ileanda Tapia’s eCommerce is redefying comfort for women with its ergonomic underwear. No pressure, pain or discomfort encourages clients to get rid of such mundane but serious inconveniences. 


Veronica provides tech solutions specialized in Big Data management, video analytics, in addition to voice transcription. Isabel Melgar co-founded the company that develops a variety of products and solutions for partners across the industrial spectrum.

For example, one of these is a cloud-based AI solution capable of identifying objects and events in live video feeds. Based on what it sees in surveillance cameras, it can automatically alert or send notifications to the proper authorities. 


This fashion-centric startup solves any potential wardrobe dilemma due to its crowdfunding nature. Created by Faviola Palomino, Outfie is a “crowdstyle” platform where women users can browse for a variety of clothes based on body shapes in addition to budgets.

Users can also publish their own content, connecting with a growing community of fashion experts, stylists, bloggers, and more.

Meaning “lower your accounts” in Spanish, primarily caters to young people. The financial startup assists clients in lowering interest paid on mortgage loans in addition to credit cards.

In addition to co-founding the company, Sully Siucho also works as the COO. 


DeluxeBox is an e-commerce platform co-founded by Lourdes Pinillos focusing on beauty as well as personal care products. Additionally, subscribers get to enjoy a box of goods to sample and potentially buy over the distribution channel. 


Cancer patients get to experience and benefit from VR-therapy with FeelsGood, co-founded by Geraldine Guzman in 2016. Its model focuses on the physical and emotional care of these individuals who can engage in stimulating VR video games.

These activities have been medically designed to rehabilitate patients who have endured through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or even bone marrow transplants. Some of the benefits include stress as well as anxiety reduction.  


Pretty much any baby-related product can be found over BabyCuy, an online marketplace co-founded by Rachel Snare. Besides clothes, the inventory also includes diapers, car seats and more, all of which are competitively priced.


Similar to Eventbrite, group activities are in high-abundance over Joinnus’ platform. Consumers and businesses alike can create, publicize and manage events and even sell tickets. Common ones are concerts and soccer tournaments. CEO Carolina Botto founded the company in 2013.

2020 Update!:

Smart Doctor

Co-founded by Karen Salirrosas, Smart Doctor is a healthtech startup that connects users with doctors virtually in order to facilitate access to medical health (and prevent the spread of infectious desease).


With Lourdes Uzuriaga at the helm, as well as the backing of blockchain technology, Coralify is a startup that allows event and course organizers to issue digital certificates for their attendees and students.