Intel and SONDA Join Forces to Accelerate the Digital Revolution in Latin America and the United States

Intel and SONDA’s alliance could benefit startups in the region by creating a stronger and more versatile technology ecosystem. The digital market in the region is expected to reach US$207.87 billion by 2032.
Intel-Sonda-Chile Intel-Sonda-Chile

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Intel and SONDA, the Chilean multinational expert in integrating technological solutions, have announced a historic collaboration agreement that extends across the entire American continent, both in the United States and Latin America. This pact marks Intel’s first commitment with a company that originated in Latin America and comes 20 years after Intel Capital, Intel’s venture capital division, invested in SONDA in 2003.

Projections from SPER Market Research indicate that the market for digital transformation in Latin America could reach a value of USD $207.87 billion by the year 2032, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.13%. Various factors, including the growing adoption of cloud-based solutions and the demand for artificial intelligence and automation, drive this growth.

“Latin America is one of the fastest-growing regions in digital transformation,” commented Gustavo Trevisan, Corporate Vice President of Platform Services at SONDA. Both companies, which already have a significant presence in Latin America and the United States, plan to use their highly specialized teams to implement technologies across various sectors, customizing solutions according to the specific needs of each client or partner.

According to a report from IDC, despite a projected GDP growth of only 2.1% for Latin America in 2023, investment in enterprise technologies will grow by 12%. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will see a 69% growth in 2023, outpacing the region’s economic growth rate by 32 times.

With decades of experience in the region and a focus on innovation, Intel and SONDA aim to tackle technological and human challenges, including talent development and promoting a more automated future. This strategic agreement represents a crucial step for technological development and digital transformation in Latin America and beyond.

This collaboration has the potential to offer enormous benefits to startups in Latin America, especially in the field of digital transformation. By combining Intel’s technological expertise and infrastructure with SONDA’s specialization in IT solutions integration, a more robust and versatile ecosystem could be created to favor the rapid and efficient adoption of emerging technologies.

Furthermore, the significant presence of both companies in the region could open new doors for startups in terms of networking, financing, and access to new markets at a time when emerging companies lack the resources to internally develop or adopt advanced technological solutions but need to stay at the forefront to remain competitive.

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