Malaga’s Hrider Awards Employees €10K Bonus for Exceptional Growth

They are celebrating a 40% production increase and significant achievements throughout the year.
Malaga's Hrider Awards Employees €10k Bonus For Exceptional Growth Malaga's Hrider Awards Employees €10k Bonus For Exceptional Growth
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Ending the year on a high note, Hrider, a startup from Malaga, has announced a generous bonus of €10,000 for each of its 20 employees in recognition of their significant contributions and the company’s exceptional performance. The announcement, made on December 28, assured the team that this was no mere holiday jest but a genuine reward totaling €250,000 for the entire staff.

The commendable bonus distribution stems from a year marked by remarkable growth for Hrider. In 2023, the company achieved a 40% increase in production, doubled its workforce, underwent a brand rebranding, and successfully penetrated the U.S. market. The substantial bonus reflects the company’s philosophy that growth is a result of genuine engagement, teamwork, and excellence from each team member. Rocío Valenzuela, Product Manager of Hrider, emphasized that the shared objective amongst all employees is to provide an outstanding technological solution and differentiated service.

Hrider’s commitment goes beyond just financial incentives. The company aims to improve the world by enhancing how individuals advance their careers, develop skills, and unleash their potential through its specialized Talent Management software integrated with Artificial Intelligence and customer service that truly adds value. This approach sets them apart, aiming to initiate a change in company cultures.

Specializing in Talent Intelligence, Hrider offers a platform suited for various sectors and HR consultancy firms focused on data-driven decision-making and continuous internal improvement. Over six years, the company has amassed 500 corporate clients, including notable national and international firms across diverse sectors. This end-of-year bonus reflects not just a celebration of the current achievements but also a testament to Hrider’s innovative approach to employee recognition and motivation, setting a positive precedent in the startup ecosystem.

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