Zendesk launches investment fund for AI startups

Focusing on companies enhancing customer and employee experiences. Announces investments in PolyAI and unitQ.

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Zendesk has officially launched its global investment fund, Zendesk Ventures, aimed at supporting AI startups. This fund seeks to boost companies improving customer and employee experiences. The first investments include PolyAI, developer of advanced conversational voice assistants, and unitQ, an AI-powered customer feedback platform.

Ben Barclay, Zendesk’s Senior Vice President of Strategy, highlighted that all organizations are moving toward AI. Zendesk Ventures invests not only in its own development but also in startups whose focus aligns with its vision of enhancing customer and employee service through AI.

Zendesk Ventures’ portfolio already includes the conversational intelligence platform Observe.AI and field service management software Zuper. The new additions, PolyAI and unitQ, focus on operational efficiency and AI-driven CX. PolyAI helps Zendesk customers handle complex interactions like order tracking, reducing call volumes for human agents. Meanwhile, unitQ enables companies to collect and analyze real-time customer feedback from over 60 sources.

Michael Chen, PolyAI’s Vice President of Alliances, noted that Zendesk Ventures’ investment strengthens their partnership, allowing them to accelerate product innovation and improve customer engagement. Christian Wiklund, CEO of unitQ, added that partnering with Zendesk connects them with top-tier talent and provides mentorship for their growth.

In addition to capital, Zendesk Ventures offers access to CX and AI experts, strategic partnership opportunities, and the chance to be featured in Zendesk Marketplace, home to over 1,300 apps. For more information about Zendesk Ventures and collaboration opportunities, visit www.zendeskventures.com.

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