Miranda Partners and AMG Block Ventures launch venture capital fund for Mexican startups

The establishment of Miranda Ventures marks an exciting moment for Mexico’s startup ecosystem.
Miranda Partners AMG Block Ventures
An innovative venture capital fund to boost Mexican startups | Photo: Pexels

Miranda Partners and AMG Block Ventures joined forces to launch “Miranda Ventures,” an innovative venture capital fund based in Mexico. This collaboration aims to provide specialized advice to emerging startups, offering a comprehensive package ranging from investor relations to digital marketing. What sets this proposal apart is that startups will exchange shares instead of a traditional fee for services.

The main goal of Miranda Ventures is to boost the growth and expansion of technological startups in Mexico, leveraging the knowledge and experience accumulated by Miranda Partners and AMG Block Ventures in crucial areas like communication, marketing, and research. This approach seeks to address the challenges young companies face in an increasingly competitive market, where effective communication and strategic marketing are essential to stand out and attract investments.

The partners of the newly formed fund shared their enthusiasm and vision in an official statement: “Miranda Ventures represents a revolution in how we support startups. By combining scalability with flexibility, we offer emerging companies the tools they need to flourish in the dynamic Mexican business landscape.” They added that the focus would be on collaborating with startups that already have previous investments or are in the process of receiving them from the leading venture capital funds in the region.

The leadership of Miranda Ventures is in the hands of two prominent figures in the business and investment world: Damian Fraser and Carlos Torres. Fraser, who will be Executive Chairman, comes from Miranda Partners, a firm with an extensive track record in advisory and investor relations. On the other hand, Torres, appointed as General Director, brings his accumulated experience from AMG Block Ventures, specializing in financial advisory.

Sara Hayden, a senior analyst at Miranda Media, is a critical piece in this ambitious project. Hayden, with her vast experience working with fintech and startups, mainly in media and public relations, will be essential in ensuring that emerging companies receive informed and strategic guidance on their path to success.

By combining the experience and resources of two titans in the sector, this venture capital fund seeks to invest in startups and empower them with essential skills and tools to thrive in a market as challenging and competitive as the Mexican one.

According to data from the private company solutions and research provider, Crunchbase, venture capital investment volume in Latin America in the second quarter of 2023 was 400 million dollars, a decrease of 84% compared to the same period the previous year.

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