agropro’s platform poised with trivella m3 investimentos us$192,000 investment to fight pests

AgroPro’s platform poised with Trivella M3 Investimentos US$192,000 investment to fight pests

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Contxto – The grass is looking greener for Brazilian agritech AgroPro. Last Friday, Valor Globo broke the news that the Ponta Grossa-based startup raised R$1 million (around US$192,000) through Trivèlla M3 Investimentos. According to this same media outlet, it’s the first time it contributes to a player in agribusiness. 

Additional sources report that investors were wowed by the startup’s AgroPro Monitor. This tech product is a platform that lets growers monitor their fields to detect pests and other diseases that hurt crops.

AgroPro and data analytics that dates back

The agritech’s platform tackles multiple pain points on the field. Starting with the data it harvests. Because of the data gathered on the system, growers gain insights on an area’s insect population and diseases. It also assesses production rates as well as the cost for fighting those pesky pests.

In sum, AgroPro uses data analytics to help farmers make more informed decisions and monitor progress. But perhaps a big selling point is that no internet connection is required for it to function. Considering poor connectivity levels in rural areas, this is probably a big advantage.

This startup is no youngblood. According to the startup’s website, the notion of applying intelligence in fields goes back to 1987. Since then, it’s evolved into a good ol’ Excel spreadsheet, pen, and paper. The switch into a Java application came in 2012.

One can imagine that for its founders, there’s something extraordinary in watching a business they initiated over 30 years ago steadily grow. Now it’s a startup investors want to put money on.

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