Sulpayments and GameCash Forge Strategic Alliance, Focusing on Mexican Gaming Market

The Alliance aims to capitalize on Mexico’s vibrant gaming sector while maintaining Swiss innovation standards.

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Sulpayments Switzerland and GameCash Mexico have announced a strategic partnership under a new unified holding structure, designed to boost their presence in the gaming and financial technology sectors.

This partnership focuses particularly on Mexico’s rapidly growing gaming market, aiming to leverage GameCash’s established dominance and Sulpayments’ innovative payment solutions.

GameCash, renowned for its comprehensive payment services tailored to the Mexican market, such as SPEI, cash payments, and transactions with local cards, will continue to operate under its brand, now with enhanced capabilities provided by Sulpayments’ technology. This includes the latest 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, ensuring high conversion rates and secure transactions.

Meanwhile, Sulpayments, based in Switzerland, will maintain its role as a leader in secure fintech solutions, with a particular focus on facilitating cross-border transactions and USDT settlements. This strategic alignment allows Sulpayments to continue innovating within Switzerland’s stringent regulatory framework while expanding its technological footprint in the dynamic Mexican market.

Together, the partnership not only signifies a strategic alignment of both companies’ expertise in their respective fields but also represents a concerted effort to drive growth, innovation, and value creation across the financial and gaming sectors in Mexico and beyond.

The collaboration is set to provide seamless payment solutions that cater to the needs of businesses in Brazil, Mexico, and other markets, enhancing their ability to engage with local and international customers efficiently.

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