Miami hosts the BIOHUNT Summit 2023, boosting Latin American biotechnology on the global stage

BIOHUNT Summit Miami 2023 is shaping up to be the event of the year for the biotech sector in Latin America.
Miami BIOHUNT Summit 2023 Miami BIOHUNT Summit 2023
A grand stage for Latin American biotech startups | Image: BIOHUNT Summit 2023

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Miami will once again be the epicenter of biotechnological innovation and entrepreneurship. From November 7th to 8th, the city will host the second edition of BIOHUNT Summit Miami 2023, a joint initiative between The Ganesha Lab and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Miami. The purpose: to bridge Latin American biotech startups with the global biotechnology ecosystem.

The schedule is divided into two thematic sessions. The first, set for November 7th, will focus on investment and expansion opportunities for Latin startups in international markets. It will be a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to understand the dynamics and challenges of the biotech business outside their borders.

The second day is dedicated to the art of networking. Participants will have the perfect stage to establish relationships, exchange experiences, and familiarize themselves with the US business culture. Such interactions are crucial for any company aspiring to have a global presence.

Latin America is in the spotlight.

More than just an event, BIOHUNT Summit Miami 2023 is a showcase for Latin America. Over 20 startups from Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brazil will display the region’s innovative capabilities. The setting will be conducive for these companies to present their projects to a select group of investors, who will also provide valuable feedback to refine their proposals.

Since its founding in 2018, The Ganesha Lab has established its position as one of the region’s leading business accelerators in science and technology. Its mission is to support the growth and expansion of biotech and deep-tech startups in Latin America. Through its experience and network, The Ganesha Lab has catalyzed the development of numerous companies, preparing them to compete on the global stage.

On the other hand, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Miami has emerged as a global beacon for entrepreneurship and innovation. It supports entrepreneurs and startups on their journey to success and has woven an impressive global network with more than 100 centers worldwide. Its influence reaches every corner of the globe, and its alliance with The Ganesha Lab promises to solidify its presence in Latin America further.

BIOHUNT Summit Miami 2023 is shaping to be the year’s event for the Latin American biotech sector. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for regional startups to strengthen their ties with the global ecosystem and gain the tools needed to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. It is, without a doubt, a step forward in strengthening scientific entrepreneurship in Latin America.

According to the study The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020, five Latin American cities stand out for hosting some of the startup ecosystems with the most potential worldwide. Among another 270 cities from 100 emerging markets, Mexico City and Bogotá have the highest scores among Latin American cities included in this ranking.

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