Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Nubank’s latest feature is a prime example of why it’s popular in Brazil

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Splitting the bill at a restaurant amongst multiple people can make it easier on one’s wallet. But there’s always someone who’s tasked with the not-so-pleasant experience of keeping tabs on everyone and charging them if they don’t pay then and there. In that sense, Brazilian startup Nubank’s latest feature may provide those users some relief. 

Last week, the fintech announced the launch of its “Dividir Valor” perk. Through it, the app automatically estimates how much everyone must pitch for a shared charge. It then sends all parties involved a notification via email or through the app itself if they already have a Nubank account.

According to a blog post, at the moment it is only available for some users. But it will eventually be released to all.

This feature may seem like a small, maybe even minor detail. But one of the reasons Nubank has come out on top in Brazil is because it pays attention to these little aspects that improve the overall financial experience. Plus it adds a layer of efficiency to these occasions.

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Virtual cards are all the rage for Nubank and other fintech

In other Nubank-related news, the startup announced last Monday (11) that purchases with its virtual card had increased courtesy of coronavirus. Specifically, the startup stated transactions with it grew 31 percent between March 24 and April 24.

Due to Covid-19, fintechs have moved forward to make the most of virtual products for more contactless transactions. Mexican Flink, for example, made it easier for users to access a virtual debit card this month.

The future of finances and banking isn’t completely cash-free. But Covid-19 did force many to cut down on their use of bills and coins.

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